Helpful window cleaning tips for homeowners.

Many homeowners view window cleaning as one of those tasks that can be put off over and over again until the neglected windows are too dirty to be ignored. Even worse yet, sometimes windows become permanently damaged due to neglect. Each scenario is completely avoidable and can typically be remedied with a fraction of the effort that one might think it would take. I'm going to share some window cleaning best practices that will enable you to enhance the appeal of your property and prevent permanent damage. 

First, you should not rely on the weather to take care of cleaning your windows. Rainwater can carry dirt and minerals (among other impurities) that can cause windows to end up in even worse shape. At first rainwater may look like its washing he dirt off of the windows, but over time as the impurities dry onto the glass. These sediments can cause spots to form on the window that cause a rigid stain, which collect more impurities. The buildup on the glass becomes more and more solidified and eventually becomes difficult to remove, usually requiring a special treatment for remedy. 

Be sure to attend to water stains (please reference the photo). Though stain treatment is time consuming and relatively expensive, ignoring the them can lead to permanent damage to the glass. Make sure to consult with a professional before attempting to fix this yourself. If you’re not an expert at removing water stains you can easily scratch the glass or even break the window. Water stains can easily be avoided by routinely cleaning the glass on a quarterly basis. 

Be sure to complete all interior and exterior house cleaning before moving to the windows. Window cleaning should always be the final detail. As you clean your house the glass will collect dirt, dust, and other debris. If you don’t wait until the end you will just end up getting them dirty all over again, which means more work, more time, and more money. 

Finally, be sure to clean the interior and exterior of each window. Exterior window cleaning can greatly enhance the clarity of your glass. However, smudges and streaks tend to collect on interior glass and are often not visible until the exterior glass is clean. Thus, once the exterior glass is clean you are left with highly visible imperfections. 

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